Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First Reykjavik By Night - Cool weather and Northern Lights

Three brave Americans joined the first scheduled "Reykjavik By Night" tour offered by Reykjavik Bike Tours. The temperature was around freezing point and there was a bit of wind - luckily always in our back.

Karen Hill (Colorado), Louis (New York), Stan Hill (Colorado) at the start of the tour keeping warm in padded overalls supplied by Reykjavik Bike Tours.

From Reykjavik Bike Tour's headquarters at Reykjavik's Old Harbour, the small group cycled along the northern coast of the Reykjavik peninsula. First stop included the new and amazing Harpa concert, opera and conference centre.

Norther lights over Faxafloi Bay, and John Lennon s Peace tower on Videy Island to the right (the bluish steak to the right). The picture above was taken with a hand held camera and exposed for 15 seconds.

Lady Gaga received the John Lennon peach award from Yoko Ono here in Reykjavik 9 October. Lady ga then left the country with her dog in a private jet before the symbolic switching on the light ceremony on Videy Island. A record 1.800 people attended the ceremony this year - undoubtetly some went there especially to see Lady Gaga.

Second stop was at the famous sculpture "Sun Voyager", where the group enjoyed a reasonably good display of northern lights and a view of Yoko Ono's / John Lennon's Peace memorial called the Piece Tower. The memorial is a giant light strobe located on Videy Island, just off the coast of Reykjavik's import and export harbour. The light is switched on John Lennon's birthday 9 October, and switched off the day that he was killed in New York. It is possible to get to Videy Island by ferry operated by Elding Whale Watching Company.

Then on to Hofdi House, the place where the leaders of the two superpowers met in October 1986. Then to Reykjavik's central bus station, and Laugavegur the main shopping street. And the evening was rounded off at a bar in the centre of town. Three hours after we set off the tour ended at Reykjavik Bike Tour's headquarters at Reykjavik's Old harbour.

Thank you Karen and Stan, and Louis for joining the first Reykjavik By Night tour by bike!


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